Jun, 2018

Mid-June Update

Hey guys,

Some bigger news this week. In the interest of paddling ourselves out of the recent developmental doldrums, we’ve brought a new developer on board. They come highly recommended, and have previous experience working with Goldie on other things. They’re still in the process of getting acclimitised to the project, but they specialise in back-end workings, so I’m confident they’ll be of help. I hope you all appreciate as much as I do someone who’s willing to put in this kind of work in their free time, as the rest of the team do.

Crimson has been able to fix a number of map issues and a majority of the GUI issues. There’s still a few things that need fixing, but with these big fixes complete, and our new pair of hands, we can redouble our efforts on working toward the next update. We can’t expect an immediate boost from a new member, as there’s lots for them to learn and familiarise themselves with before they can contribute, but if all goes well it should help us out in the long term.

Apologies for the lack of Codex updates – I have at least finally been able to get that x-ray. I’ll know more about what they can do for my pain problem next week.

Until next time!

June Update

Hey guys,

Did some more work on our dialogue system this week with Goldie, who’s had a busy few weeks. We’re working on roughing together dialogue instances so that we can test and learn the system. Goldie’s managed to create a foundation so that generated enemies can take dialogue references into them, the goal right now is to create a generic way to handle scene flow so that we can then replicate and reuse it.

Made some new additions to the Codex. I do have a timeline I’m working on for Sunrest and the continent’s general history that’s nearing completion. Added some bits about one of the city’s districts to the codex and more information on the Shadowless. I’ll be adding more about the districts next, since Sunrest will likely be the game’s first city, as well as the capital, it demands the most attention. The more hooks and details in the codex, the easier I, and later, others, will find it to pick up ideas and threads for writing.

Apologies if this one’s a bit clipped – making another run at quitting smoking. Down to just 3-4 a day, but I’m feeling it. Love you all.