March Update

Hey guys,

Little late again, sort of, with February being a short month. Things are gradually, tentatively improving for me; I can’t really go into detail, but if you’ve got family members with addiction problems, you’ll understand. I sincerely hope none of you do, though. I feel like it might be prudent to tell you guys a bit about my life and why things are late/slow sometimes, but at the same time I don’t want to seem like I’m making excuses.

But we’re here for updates, so let’s get to it. In the spirit of getting everything updated, Crimson has been toiling over the map system and the assets we’re using to make them. It’s a pain to get it all done, but the longer we wait to update, the more work it will be, so it’s something we decided to get done before the next client update, especially since doing so will generally improve everything across the board.