Oct, 2017

Mid-October Update

Hey guys,

Sorry for the slight delay on the update this week. I’ve been fairly under the weather, I suspect a combination of a bug and the ol’ seasonal affective disorder starting to kick back in. I’m not much better yet but I didn’t want to keep you all waiting. Goldie is now back from her trip to the US, but is now recovering from some elective surgery. It went well and she should be right as rain soon enough, but it does mean we’re all a bit out of sorts currently.

However, we did get some time to go over what the next course of action is, discussing how best to build the in-between directory/bridge between the Director and the game’s data. We plan to do this on an as-needs basis. New keywords and syntax are added in order of how much we need them. I’ve written a few drafts of the basic player description block to get an idea of this, and have made a list of some thirty or so keywords for Goldie to get started on.

Hopefully, once there’s enough there to establish a pattern, I should be able to add keywords and plug them in myself. And, once we have those in, we can really start testing things – both changing text to test with the same body, and changing the body to see how it changes the text. We’re not terribly far from there now and I’m excited for it.

Until next time!

October Update

Hey guys,

It took a few weeks altogether but I think I’m happy in calling the world map finished for now. It will no doubt undergo changes and additions in the future but for now I consider it finished.