Jul, 2017

Mid-July Update

Hey guys,

Progress continues on the latest merge. Since there’s not a great deal to talk about while we wait for that, I’ll fill you guys in on the latest stuff I’ve been working on and thinking about.

As some of you might know, I finally got my feet wet playing Dungeons and Dragons not so long ago. Having never played or really understood it until now, it’s fascinating to see how the systems work and how it, and games like it, served as progenitors for the RPG videogames we play today. With that in mind, I’ve been considering trying my hand at DMing for the couple friends I usually play with, using CS lore and background.

It’s actually been a surprisingly productive endeavour. In just building the dungeon itself, I’ve written more about the Mage’s College and the Archmage, and the dungeon and its story will work perfectly well inside CS. Obviously it will need to be rebuilt using hex tiles and whatnot, but the concept and the story I think will make a great quest and dungeon. Plus, if I get time to actually run this little campaign, I’ll be able to look at what the players do and use it to inform some decisions about what can happen and where details should go, as well as highlight anything that doesn’t strictly make sense. Kind of like playtesting a concept, since it’s become hard not to think of myself as the DM of Carnal Souls.


July Update

Hey guys,

Body stuff is still coming along. I apologise if things appear slow while we work on this, as it is simply a very large system with lots to consider and build.

Today’s topic of work between Goldie and I has been orifices. We spend hours talking about anal dimensions so you don’t have to. We’ve been working on ways to make it a more three-dimensional thing, so that if they wish, players can enjoy a wide array of anal appearances from cute little rosebuds to big, fat donuts. And, as with everything else, volumes calculated accordingly.

Since we also have in place the basic frameworks to support belly size increases – speaking in this case more relevant to inflation – figuring out if the player’s holes are gaped is important for some realism. If you are, for instance, you’d be considered leaking and lose those inflation contents much faster over time (as well as making a jolly good mess). A higher elasticity causes orifices to recover more quickly, so you can waddle around all bloated if you want to.

Wetness has also been discussed. As for testicles and breasts we already have a Productivity attribute, so in the interest of standardisation it feels for now an elegant enough solution to simply provide a Productivity attribute to anything that can leak or become messy. Mechanically they’ll work differently but as far as our Interfaces are concerned this saves us time and unnecessary complexity.

Today, we’ve officially more or less rebuilt the entirety of the body system in a way that we can proceed with and should now serve as our framework going forward. Crimson now has the unenviable task of merging it into the main branch. This will take a lot of work and some time.

I’d also like to thank everyone for their continued support, both moral and monetary. Things have been pretty tough for me personally lately, but the continued enthusiasm from our community really keeps me going. We’ll get there, and it’s in huge part thanks to you guys and our Patreon supporters.

Until next time!