Mid-June Update

Hey guys,

Lately our primary concern has been to get Goldie’s work on the body system reviewed and merged into the main branch. This requires everyone, usually. The toughest part about everyone working in their free time is trying to schedule time together across three different timezones, so that’s been taking some time.

Goldie and I have had several long conversations about the intricacies of the body system and its behaviour, attempting to find the right balance between level of detail and functionality. With that in mind there have been some changes: The ‘Chest’ minor region has been removed altogether, as it didn’t provide enough to warrant the complexity of building it in. Muscularity and Fatness have both been deferred to the major upperbody and lowerbody regions, meaning you can have a very fat and curvy lower body, or perhaps treetrunk muscle thighs, with a smaller upper body. This is much simpler overall than attempting to track fatness/muscles on a part-by-part basis, which would in itself provide no real benefit for the amount of insanity it would need to function. In fact a lot of information has been offloaded from the minor regions and into major regions. I think this still allows a great deal of customisation, but is much more sane as far as structure goes.