June Update

Hey guys,

The Body system is now nearing completion. Goldie’s had some serious workload from her job lately, but we’ve still managed to make some good progress. As the system is reaching it’s final stages, today I’ll mostly be talking about all the cool things it does.

Firstly, it does math. Lots of math. Figures and formulae are in place that allow it to calculate the total volume of any and all parts the character might have. Almost all parts have scaleable dimensions, meaning you can grow or shrink them, and the system then calculates that part’s volume, weight, absolute and relative size. This also allows us to provide a reasonably accurate figure for how much your character weighs. Relative volumes, for instance the volume of your breasts compared to the volume of your underlying body, are how the game also decides how to describe your parts. It won’t describe your sixteen-inch-long cock as enormous if you also happen to be twelve feet tall (a five-foot NPC might, though.)