May Update

Hey guys,

This past month has been pretty much end-to-end with crappiness; if you’re interested or just morbidly curious I’ll add the details at the end of this update. Despite that there has been progress made, and things are evening out again now.

Goldie’s been focusing hard on the body system. As most of you know it will be another big step towards having functioning content in the game. However, it has a long list of requirements and as such requires careful planning; there’s been a lot of hours this month spent with all of us working out the details and how to build it. I’m happy to say that many of the big, hard questions have been answered and the plan for it is starting to take shape. There’s already a lot of parts of it built already; math for different body parts is already written, most of the intricacies are laid out, we know where everything goes and what affects what else.