Mid-April Update

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay. My main monitor, which serves as my primary art workspace, died. Was up a long time trying to fix it, but I fear it’s bit the dust. Just glad I got the game background image for Mistress Woodshank done before it happened. Goldie was away for a week, and (unrelated) my life rather fell to bits. So, while it’s not been a massively productive few weeks, with the exception of my workspace, things are on the mend. I’ve also been trying to give up smoking. Down from a pack to 2!

Anyway. I’ve updated the body system map, after some discussion with Goldie. The body system is one of the biggest puzzles to solve in terms of system design – it’s complicated, and needs to have capacity for change built-in. It also has to be cleverly organised so that the rest of our systems, like the director, don’t need to do a lot of work to get the data they need. It also preferably needs an interface built into the Unity editor, which will allow us a much greater ease in debugging later.