April Update

Hey guys,

So, first up, work continues on the checklist for the next update. Crimson is currently focused on the UI, constructing a scripting hierarchy for various things and fixing the bugs introduced with the new designs. He’s also been getting the inventory screen functioning again, since work in other areas broke it. Goldie has been chipping away at a more finalised version of the battle logic, something that we can build on and add to. Various things have been fixed and several major pull requests successfully merged. To paraphrase: Work goes on, progress is being made.

Goldie and I have also been looking closely at the body ‘simulation’ system design. Admittedly we’re both eager to work on that, not only since it will be another huge step towards content, but also because a clever system there will allow us to do all manner of cool and hopefully sexy things. It will be the thing we focus on after we push the next update.