Jan, 2017

January Update

Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while, so I’ll get right to it.

I’ve gotten us a new team member. Another long time friend of mine who would like to remain anonymous for now, he specialises in big databases for big companies, all sorts of software and systems and stuff. I’ve tasked him solely with building the parser and director, then after that, the player body data, as it’s imperative the two work together.

I just this moment got off a four hour call with him, going through the design documents for the parser and director systems, and if all goes well he’ll be working on that before the end of the week. Vahn and Crimson are also obviously up to date on the new development.

The parser/director is high on the hitlist of things to get done, and other than it working with character body data and other game values, it works very independently of the game, making it a good thing for a new member to work on.

I apologise for the wait. I wanted something good to update you guys with, and barring any acts of god, you should start seeing more updates soon as he works on that. Plus I’ve pretty much been a mess over the holidays.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year. 2017 better try harder than 2016 did, hoo boy.

Until next time!