Mid-October Update

Hey guys,

Bit of a shorter one today, but as you’ve all told me before, better a short update than no update.

Things have been slow as they’ve required getting all three of us online and available at the same time. This is so we can get everyone up to speed, properly set up in the git repository, making sure everyone is set up and working so that Vahn and Crimson can work as much as possible without needing the other around. Thankfully I believe we’re now pretty much at that stage.

To paraphrase the last Patreon Dev Diary, Crimson’s currently tasked with continuing his work on the battle system. We’re quite close to having another .CSV importer for the move list, which should result in in-game weapons and armour having their unique moves attached. After that it’s a case of letting the game know what the moves themselves do (if it’s more than a basic attack and has, for instance, a chance to stun or other effects), and replacing the temporary parts of the battle system’s math with actual numbers from gear.