October Update

Hey guys,

Sorry for the slight delay, just some life stuff keeping me away. I also apologise for forgetting to post these on the blog, that was just me being forgetful.

Player 2 joins the game

The most important thing at the moment is keeping development moving. Crimson’s not in a great place so, understandably, can’t work as much. As I mentioned back in the post-Brexit July Update, it’s likely he’ll have to find a full-time job soon in order to keep paying the bills, which leaves very little, if any, time for Carnal Souls.

However, there is some good news. Recently, on the Patreon, I introduced Vahn. He’s a professional game developer with experience in triple-A titles, and was actually the person who introduced me to Crimson to begin with. Well, now that he has a little more free time, he’s offered to work on Carnal Souls in what time he can spare. So, even in the worst case scenario we can still keep development moving forward.