Forum Update, Badges, Other Things

Hi folks!

Forum Update

We’ve updated the forum layout to be much more in keeping with the game’s design, and to better match the blog too. Stereo has worked very hard on it and done an excellent job (I helped by pointing out pixels), so show her some love. We’ve got built-in avatars now, so you can choose one of the starting race emblems too, if you like. If there are any problems or glitches with the new layout, let us know on the Site and Forum Support subforum.

You may also notice I’m sporting a new Staff badge and a couple of ribbons for Artist and Writer on the forums. The first step is to make sure we can present all the badges nicely, so I think that can be considered done. We’ll be working on a way to get you all hooked up with your appropriate Indiegogo backer badges sometime in the near future. (I have the ribbons just for display purposes).

Forum avatars have been bumped to 130px for the new layout, so some of you may need to reupload yours to get them to display correctly and use the new pixels.

More stuff after the break!