Apr, 2016

In Lust We Trust

Hey folks!

I’ve written a very long and wordy new update and put it on the forums, it’s a bit long for the blog. You can read it here:¬†dis link right here

Here’s the tl;dr for it:
Resolve has replaced Lust and it’s super cool; non-consensual scenes will be a lot harder (hopefully impossible) to accidentally fall into; battles will be much more interesting; Benji’s lying about being sick and gonna go play dark souls 3 now


Hi folks,

We have a forum now! It’s very basic at the moment but we’ve got lots of plans for it. Stereo’s working hard on making it all pretty and adding cool stuff, and we’ll be adding more subforums later once we get around to bringing moderators on board. There may be some teething problems with it as we work to get everything working 100%. If you have problems with the forum, tell us here.

We’ll still post updates here as well as the forums, but bug reports and problems should all go in the bug reports forum. Ideally we’d like all your feedback there where we can easily read through them. Please have a look at the rules (link at the top left of the forums) before posting, too.

We’ve also launched our Patreon page. We’re not offering any rewards (yet), as I’d rather be committed to making the game than producing exclusive content. The Patreon is, after all, to fund the game. Hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before we can offer Backer tiers to patrons, though it’s impossible to say when at the moment. Have a look at the Patreon for more information.

Our next update will be on the parser system, which I’m pretty excited to work on. In the mean time, feel free to start some discussions here on the game and talk about what you like, what you dislike, and anything you’re excited for!

Until next time!

PSA: The site and forum may be down around the 9th-10th. Our host is undergoing migration at that time.