January Update

Just wanted to let you guys know we’re still here, in case anyone was worried we dropped off the planet. I’m currently shopping around and talking to some savvy friends and family members who’re helping me find a good accountant. This is important for tax purposes, as well as being able to pay Crimson each month without the exchange rate butchering our funds, and to make sure we can use as much money as possible that we get in the future, too.

The Indiegogo money itself has transferred fine and on time, and is stowed safely away. Crimson’s been looking around for any assets and tools he thinks we’ll need so I can plan for those expenses, while myself and Stereo are doing our best to get outstanding commissions done so we don’t have any other obligations once development begins. As I said before, there’s just legwork to get done right now so nothing juicy to update with, but worry not. We’re still on schedule to start in earnest at the end of the month. Everything’s set to get going, it just needs the boring business stuff done right so we don’t run into problems later on.

It’s pretty frustrating as we’re all itching to get started on Carnal Souls, but again, it’s important to get the groundwork done right. Don’t want to start this thing by cutting corners. So yeah, not really much of an update as it’s pretty much the same stuff I wrote on the last post, but just touching base so you guys know we haven’t run off.