Dec, 2015

(Nearly) Week Two Update

ChainmailBikiniModelAs we approach the end of Week Two of the Indiegogo campaign, I’d like to let everyone know what we’ve been up to. The site’s been a little quiet, which in our case usually means we’re busy in the background.

Firstly, not even two weeks in and we’re at 40% funded. Huge thanks to everyone who has pledged and supported us, and massive shout out to Fenoxo for helping get the word out. We’ve already sold out of the Legendary Sword +5 tier!

As for progress, Gedan’s been noodling with the hosting and such so the site should load a lot faster now, which will be great going forward as it means much shorter load times for the prototype builds, as well as giving us secure connections. The change broke a couple things but Stereo fixed them nice and quick.

Gedan and I have been putting together the first steps of the game in the form of the character creation screens. I’ve written the flavour texts for each step and put together some mockups for how I want them to look, as well as made the first entry in the Carnal Codex (basically the master lore source), and Ged’s been busy figuring out how to put it all together. Hopefully we can show you all some of that in the next stream.


Stream is a go

(Sorry for the wait)

Stream’s over! Thanks everyone who came along to ask questions and such. We’ll be doing it again sometime soon. :3

Stream Info

Hey folks, we’ll be doing a stream later today in the evening. A little later than advertised as we’ve all been suffering from dark season hibernation. It’ll be on Picarto, and you’ll be able to watch Gedan do some work on the UI and ask us questions, that kind of thing. šŸ™‚

Stream will be here:

Early Days

Since the IndieGoGo campaign started, we’ve been hard at work, getting on with the actual process of getting Carnal Souls into a playable state as soon as possible. We’ve already spent a huge amount of time over the last few months testing and refining game mechanics… but we’ve not really been focused on presenting a version of it that we can put into peoples hands and let them see the progress for themselves.

The start of the IndieGoGo campaign marked the start of us working on the actual end product, rather than a series of increasingly complicated tests and experiments. We’ll have a stream this Saturday afternoon (GMT) to go through some of the things that we’ve putĀ together as tests for the game in more detail.

For now though, I think I’ll leave you guys with the very first milestone on our journey:

Carnal Souls

The buttons aren’t supposed to be doing anything juuuust yet; there’s problems there we need to fix before moving on!

It might not be much, as yet, but it’s important that people have access to what weĀ do have, so that we can stay on top of any issues that arise. We certainly don’t have the money to afford all of the various devices that our audience will hopefully be enjoying the game usingĀ , norĀ the time to test each and every one individually. Being informed of problems early on will let us fix them sooner, and hopefully, allow us to take that knowledge forward.

Lesser Demon Concepts

Firstly, thanks so much everyone who has contributed so far! As a reward, here are some tasty Lesser Demon concepts, showing off some variation in body type, gender, and colouration (click here for full resolution). This Saturday afternoon (GMT) we plan to have a stream to show off some coding and answer some questions you might have about the game’s mechanics.

Side note, there have been a ton of questions already answered in the FAQ on the campaign page, so scroll to the bottom to have a lil’ look-see.

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