Nov, 2015

Indiegogo is nearly here!

We just got the go-ahead from Indiegogo!

We’re just putting the finishing touches on the Indiegogo page and we’ll be able to launch sometime within the next 12 hours! The Indiegogo should run until December 31st – so we can start the new year (hopefully!) in full development mode.

I’ve made up lots of pretty forum badges for different account types, as well as some extra ones for contributors down the line, like writers and artists. I also roughed out one of the origin stories in full. There are ten origin stories planned out for now, but they’re just jobs and occupations – how you play the character is up to you.


Feature Feature: Dungeons (oh and mobile version)

Hey folks! Apologies for the brief delay, it seems half the world encountered sick days and technical difficulties for some totally unknown reason, all at the same time, right as Fallout 4 came out. Weird.

GrigglePromo Shown to the right is Griggle, one of my longest-running characters (some people who’ve followed my art for a while will know him already). He’s coming into the Carnal Souls cast in full force (hue), and you’ll have lots of interaction options with him. We’re really going to try to keep the cast of NPC’s balanced, so expect males, females, herms, and everything in between in mostly equal measure.

Today’s post will likely be the last Feature Feature, as we’re gearing up to launch the Indiegogo very soon! If you’re interested in Carnal Souls becoming a reality, show your support, and if you can’t, just help spread the word. <3 Today we’re going to talk about dungeons and what we want them to bring to the game.


Registration Problems

Many of you ran into problems with registration and password resets on our blog, and for that we apologise. There was a problem with our mail system, but we’re happy to report that has been sorted!Be7XUYF

Everyone who has registered but did not receive an e-mail for activation should use Lost Password to generate a new password to login with, in order to access their account. Should any more problems occur, please do let us know and we’ll look into it!

Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for a new Feature Feature post, Coming Soon™!

Feature Feature: Bounties, Random and Emergent Quests

MarleySmallFirst up, meet Marley! She’s the first character we’re revealing for Carnal Souls. She’s a simple girl with simple tastes, like candy and running and loosing deadly arrows at things. She’ll have some quests for you, for which she’ll be extremely grateful, and you can even earn her unique, homemade armour set and bow for yourself.

Aside from quests like these, we plan to have randomised and generated content. There will be bounties providing extra objectives, rewards, and big targets to tackle, and emergent quests will keep each playthrough a little different.

(Click her to see a bigger version!) ->


Let’s Talk About Sex

Firstly, thanks everyone for all your comments, suggestions, and feedback. It’s pretty awesome to see everyone enthusiastic about the project. I’ve been reading every single comment and it’s really wonderful to see you all thinking and contributing ideas. Thanks, everyone <3

There are going to be posts here throughout this month as we finalize the plans, and hopefully launch the IndieGogo at the end of this month. If you like what we have planned, you can help by telling your friends and using the share buttons; every person aware of Carnal Souls helps.

Today I’ll talk about sex and how the sex scenes in Carnal Souls will aim to be rich and most of all interactive. LET’S DO IT. (more…)

Character Transformation 2: Building a Better You

Transformation is a big part of Carnal Souls. There are tons of ways you can change yourself, and while some might be just to get sexy (whatever your definition of sexy is), other changes will offer some tactical benefits. Here I’ll talk about how you’ll go about changing yourself, from growing cat claws to dragon wings, or just some really big tits.  (more…)